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Hello! my name is Tamar, I am a jewelry and accessory designer behind Nest Pretty Things, we are a husband and wife team and sell online through our website and Etsy shops and wholesale to over 50 shops around the world, my husband Ronen manages the business side and I am the designer and maker. We have a lovely studio in Burlington Vermont and live near by in Shelburne, a beautiful little village right by Lake Champlain, we now have three sons in college (24,22,20) and the sweetest cat Isabel. I love to decorate (you will always find me working on some project or other), cook and garden (I wish our VT season wasn't so short) and travel.

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February 20, 2011


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it looks great, especially in combination with all these bright colors! btw, we have purchased Ektorp sofa & chair 2,5 yrs ago and they still look new. Chez Larsson has a good tip how to wash the pillowcases very efficiently :-)

Birthday Party Babble

I love the different genre of flower pillows. I think that I am going to take your lead and use different genres of flower cups and saucers. I never thought of mixing dishes like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lori - What Remains Now

Your living room looks beautiful. I need to start checking out craigslist! Your style is wonderful.


how beautiful. love your style!! white brick, book shelves, gorgeous white upholstry/slips, pretty flowers, all so fresh and colorful.

I am a big fan of craigslist as well. l've bought several vintage chandeliers and just a few weeks ago, I bought a vintage secretary desk for 125.oo can't beat craigslist.

enjoy your new furniture! yeah!

marie christine

Amazing style ! I love the white slip covers,it works perfectly with bright colors !


PS I just brought a wonderful pot of Hyacinths home and the smell gets better every day! :)----<


WOW! Love it! You are brave with 4 fellers and WHITE! I have 3 fellers, but all of my stuff is in storage. We may be moving to Tunbridge within the next year or so....He likes wood....I like white.....


beautifull!!! can i ask wher u got the buterfly pillow?

how lovely tamar there is always a bargain out there waiting for us....LOL...they look lovely...


It looks so nice! Warm and inviting with the splashes of colour. Lucky you with the sofa and the chairs! Not jealous at all...


Oh, yes, the blanket throw over the back chair, the rug, the bookshelves, you've done such a beautiful work in this happy living room, congratulations.
Hugs from Brasil

Valerie L Johnson

I love it...the blanket throw over the back of the chair, the butterfly pillow and the other pillow that looks like it might be cross stitched, if not it has that very beautiful homemade impression...and the a home ever really a home without a abundance of books to read and display...I have to have mine filling bookshelves and spilling over...I love them, almost like very close friends...
I also love the fact that the room is not arranged completely around the fireplace...its there but not the focal point...wonderful!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful stylings...

Allie Peach

This is so pretty! I especially love all of the pillows, and the cream (?) paint on your brick wall.

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