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Hello! my name is Tamar, I am a jewelry and accessory designer behind Nest Pretty Things, we are a husband and wife team and sell online through our website and Etsy shops and wholesale to over 50 shops around the world, my husband Ronen manages the business side and I am the designer and maker. We have a lovely studio in Burlington Vermont and live near by in Shelburne, a beautiful little village right by Lake Champlain, we now have three sons in college (24,22,20) and the sweetest cat Isabel. I love to decorate (you will always find me working on some project or other), cook and garden (I wish our VT season wasn't so short) and travel.

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January 23, 2011


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The Staging Chick

I just found your blog and love the necklaces!


Fabulous! I'm soooo getting one. :).

Michelle Sarabia

Am really looking forward to Spring and wearing some of your necklaces!

Sarah Doerfler

so so pretty! yay! they make me yearn for spring even more now:) Love all the different things they go with too (especially that grey dress!!! where's that from??)
thanks for the peek! love your blog!


These are lovely! Perfect for spring and a little bit different too.


love em!! you are so talented!

Marie (Food Nouveau)

I'm a long-time fan, and this new collection is gorgeous! I love jewellery made out of fabric and I will for sure order a piece (if I don't win it!) Thanks for this great giveaway.


They are very nice :)


They're so lovely! How beautiful!


I really like your pic, and the mixter of fabrics you always have!


these are so unique tamar! they are different and so pretty.....perfect for spring. i'd love to win one for me or for my daughter who's turning 2 soon! so cute! :)

Lindy Gruger Hanson

Just discovered your blog and jewelry. Your new line is gorgeous! Makes me want to wear a summer dress and decorate it with the pretty things from your shop. Lovely!


omg thanks alot for at chance to win! i really love them all :)

Carrie Murtha

Oh how I love your jewelry!!!!!! The new designs are fabulous, of course! And where did you get that little grey knit dress?? I love all the clothes you show with the necklaces. I treasure my little Nest Pretty Things collection very much! I get compliments on all of them constantly.


Oh I just love this jewelry! They are so unique...I've never seen anything like it. They make me think of my little granddaughter!

jeny tyler

So unique. I am so happy I found your blog. Just pointed the one I liked out to my husband. Fingers crossed that I get it for Valentines Day!


Beautiful jewelry!

keren gillan

Dear Tamar , relly liked the use of fabric as a center peace in these necklesses , you can fly with this idea and develope a hole line ,
i know you can .... love and kisses from Isreal .

Charity McAllister

Very lovely indeed!


Oh what a great collection. You have a way with putting all those fabrics together and making them happy together. Lovely~

Angie H.

The new necklaces are so pretty. The vintage fabric is beutiful and so are all the great pictures!


I would LOVE to win and wear one of these beautiful necklaces.


Wonderful !

Here's my e-mail :



What a beautiful collection! They make me long (even more now!) for Spring. Beautiful colors and fabric. Thank you for the opportunity!


they are so lovely!
i like the colours and the patterns of the fabrics so much!
i am a new visiter of you blog, i am attracted by your designs and the warm feeling created by the colours.
and YOU inspired me a lot, thank you~

HS Brown

these new necklaces are lovely!


adorable! love all the different combinations of fabrics!


These are gorgeous. I would LOVE to win one!!
I would like to own a few in fact - so off to look in the shop now...


these are so beautiful!


I'm in LOVE!! :)


What stunning colors! You are so talented and creative...I never would have thought to turn buttons into a gorgeous necklace.


I'm a vintage girl! Love your necklaces!

carmit klein

WOW!!!!!!!! This new collection is STUNNING!!! Love it, love your work:)


I just found your etsy shop through matilda jane and I LOVE it!! I have my eye on several of your lovely pieces :)


These are just lovely! So glad I happened upon your site today as I sit here sneezing and sniffling - these are a fun glimpse of hope for Spring. :)


Well, now I'm really in for it! I just spent two days looking and narrowing down my purchase to 2 matching necklaces (one for my daughter and one for me) for Valentine's. I thought about it all day. This is my first time as a customer and I love the way you pull these collections together. Vintage with enough of a twist to make it modern. Wonderful. Love your new, more agonizing decisions!


just when i think your stuff could not get any cuter, beautiful! i love this vintagey modern!


just lovely. thank you so much for sharing.


I love this new line. I am just constantly inspired by your work.


Just got my first piece for my 18 month old last week. We absolutely adore and will definitely be ordering some more pieces. I can't wait for her to show it off in her two year old birthday pics in a couple of months. Would love the chance to win one too. Keep the pretties coming.


I would LOVE to win one of these beautiful necklaces! Julie

Dana Beth

Oh my i want one so very badly.

that black and white one is the bee's knees.


Very creative necklace, suits different attire with other designs of necklace. Nice work


*love*! the fabrics you've chosen are gorgeous!


Bravo! Très joli, j'adore!

Krista McPhee

Very very pretty goodies!!!!


I love your clever and unique pieces. They truly make a statement!

Cheri Mosgrove

Oh goodness! You've done it again! These necklaces are so wonderful. . . .they just make me happy looking at them! Thank you so much for the chance to win one of them!


Love love love your things. I feel happy when I go to your etsy shop and look around. It can brighten anyones day! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Paula  W.

You inspire me in so many ways! These are beautiful. Thank you for the chance.


Hi! I just discovered your blog and shop last week and I have to say I just love your sense of color and style! I would love to win and wear one of your beautiful new necklaces. Thanks!


Carrie T

So pretty! I LOVE the vintage look, yet with a modern twist.


These are beautiful--your blog and photos make me so happy to look at, especially on a gray January day.


Some colour in grey Januari! Lovely as always...



So lovely!!! Your creativity is wonderful, and I love your photographs.

emma lamb

I just spied these lovelies over on Flickr, they are absolutely gorgeous... fun, fresh and bright... the perfect antidote to the January blues... :)
Emma, x

Wendy Cole

Just beautiful. I love them all!!!!


Love, love, love it. What beautiful jewelry you create. I just stumbled across it today.


I love all of your jewelry, they are all beautiful.


I love these! Your fabric choices are great!


Love the button designs! So colorful and happy!


they are so lovely. fresh and feminine!


Beautiful! I love the more vintagey ones but the modern ones are awesome too!


Oh, I love all of your jewelry, but these new necklaces are really amazing! Your color sense is always so spot on, fabulous!


I absolutely love them! So cute. I am off to your Etsy to shop!


Absolutely charming! The fabrics are beautiful. You are so talented! Good luck with the new line, I am sure it will be very successful. GOOD LUCK!


What unique designs you have! I love all the colors within the pieces..LOVE everything!! I found your site via Denise/Matilda Jane Clothing. Excited to see your pieces on HOC in a few weeks!!

Brittanie Larsen

Oh so beautiful and sweet! They make me smile! :)


wow, they are lovely!! :)


The Vintage Necklace No 1 is my favorite. So glad MJC posted your information. Can't wait to pick out something for my daughter. Do you do barrettes?


These necklaces are so charming! Crossing my fingers and hoping to win!


i am adoring these, tamar! especially the florals and aquas. a beautiful addition to your line.


kim murauskas

i really love the new designs, so graphic, modern, pretty and feminine at the same time. i am also a creative director, and you have really inspired me to start doing more of my own work at home. thanks!

Vicki K

I recognize some Liberty of London prints - these necklaces are beautiful!! They look so pretty and fresh.


I love your work. I'm fron Spain, and I have been following you sense I dont really remember. Your work remember me at my grandmother's house at the beach, with so many colours.
I hope I win the give away, so I can wear your work!

Karin Kirchner

lovely again!

I soo like your tumblr blog Its inspiring.

amanda makes

They are beautiful Tamar! I wear my Paris Earrings everyday and love them so, I may have to treat myself to some more of your loveliness. The salon is nearly ready so I'm excited about choosing some of your jewellery for my gift section. Lots of love, Amanda xxx


so cheerful. I bought one of your necklaces last year as well as a dreamcatcher. I absolutely love them. I look at your etsy shop every week and keep adding to my favorites every time!

judith hall

These are so soft, pretty and precious. Love the children's too.


your creativity is so amazing. i LOVE the new line. stunning!


Again, i find myself in love with what you create!!
This new line is absolutely gorgeous!!
The fabric is a very good idea.
Beautiful pictures!
I specially love the necklaces worn over solid colors.
The tiny ones are very cute too; would fit my girls perfectly!
Congratulations! Lovely blog by the way! :)


Absolutely beautiful! I love the fabric. What a wonderful idea. Best wishes, Natasha.


I love the colors and the way you displayed your new pieces! Your art makes me feel so happy! Thank you!!


So lovely! Totally my taste <3


love, love, love the uniqueness of each piece! thank you for sharing!


Im irit,
20 years ago i was your wonderful mom's student .
I see your things and have to say good genes are on the family..
you are doing great things , alweys renovating, fresh and updated.
love your designs.

Jerusalem Greer

you have done it again! absolute perfection!!


I think I just drooled on my keyboard! These are GLORIOUS!

Maureen S

What fun. They are very sweet.


LOVE these! I love all of your work, though, so that's no surprise!


What a lovely and unique idea! I love how feminine they are! Thanks for the chance to win!


I absolutely ADORE your work! You are so talented! (I love your photography as well!) :) I would LOVE to win one of these beautiful pieces! :)))


Wow! Iam so excited for Spring and Summer now. These are lovely. Your new designs just made the winter look much happier. Thank you.


I absolutely love everything you make and have been thinking for ages I might treat myself for my birthday, so of course would LOVE to win one of these! :)


Just what I needed to brighten my Monday morning. Thank you for sharing images of your creations. The fabric-lover in me is mesmerized by your talents and resourcefulness.


I am in love with your fabric necklaces, wow!!!! Wonderful work!!


I just found you through Bows and More, now I am a subscriber....your stuff is gorgeous!!! Would love to win one of these darlings!!!!



Just recently found your blog, and your new line is so gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win!

birdie blue

so very pretty! thank you for the chance, tamar.

Jennifer Harbaugh

So cool, the necklaces have colorful personalities just like me!

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