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Hello! my name is Tamar, I am a jewelry and accessory designer behind Nest Pretty Things, we are a husband and wife team and sell online through our website and Etsy shops and wholesale to over 50 shops around the world, my husband Ronen manages the business side and I am the designer and maker. We have a lovely studio in Burlington Vermont and live near by in Shelburne, a beautiful little village right by Lake Champlain, we now have three sons in college (24,22,20) and the sweetest cat Isabel. I love to decorate (you will always find me working on some project or other), cook and garden (I wish our VT season wasn't so short) and travel.

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April 07, 2010


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2010 prom dress

I would just seal the top of it. Would shellac work? I haven't used much of it myself.

Vanessa Johanning

I love this!! I put "cavallini and co" papers on my kitchen cabinets and just double sided tape on them... they are getting a lot of wear and tear but seem to be holding up nicely!! If I ever want to take them down... they should come off pretty easily!
I love this collection of yours!! wow!! so pretty!!

canada flowers

The yellow flowers in the vase feels like a burning yellow. Impressive looking, considering the contrast it has with the background. Nice.


I don't have any tips on how to apply the wallpaper but, I do think it is a wonderful idea and so fun to look at. I can't wait to see how you do apply it.


if it exists thin enough, I would order a very thin sheet of plexi the size of the door and drill holes along the edge and screw it into place. that would be the only way to really protect it long term and give it a good finish.

love the style!


What a wonderful idea! It looks beautiful! I often do wallpapering myself. Mix the dry glue flakes with a little less water than instructed to make a nice thick paste. That's if you're done playing with your squares. C


Well, being a vintage scrooge, I would copy it on my Epson printer then go to town gluing it to the closet. I wouldn't seal it. I like the touch and feel of paper. Then when you move to your dream home, you can put up the real vintage paper.....if you can part with it! :)I love the prints!


Our closets/closet doors are exactly like that! I've thought about decorating them or taking down the doors and putting up curtains. This is just lovely! I wonder if double-sided tape would do the job without harming the doors? I don't know, but it sure is pretty! Thanks for the inspiration, Tamar. :)


I work with vintage wallpaper on a smaller level and I have found that a lot of the vintage paper's dye isn't water resistant, hence glue will also make it run and smear(if you are using decoupage type glue, etc.) I also have found that the paper can be quite brittle so you have to be careful over using it, manipulating it, etc. I don't really have any advice about how to apply it on a wall, but did want to put my two cents in about what I have found when using vintage wallpaper.

the butterfly collector

This is so gorgeous! I'm feeling very inspired, must go play with some paper today! Love your blog too and all those beautiful photographs!


how's it up there right now?

Keren Gillan

It’s a wonderful idea … looks so fresh in the room .
In my opinion you should try using silk matte varnish on top in order it will look as one piece .
I believe that this is the result you are interested in ,
By the way I really enjoy your blog here from nes-ziona . have a nice weekend :)


What an awesome idea! Hmmm.. I would just seal the top of it. Would shellac work? I haven't used much of it myself.

Amy Kelly

I'm not sure if it would work with actual wallpaper, but there has been a lot of tutorials around the internet lately for using a mixture of cornstarch and water to apply fabric or paper as wallpaper. The great thing about the cornstarch and water mixture is that the fabric or paper can easily be removed and the wall wiped clean with water to remove any residue. I hear this works great and have been meaning to try it myself but haven't gotten around to it. There is a gorgeous post over at the Ruche blog with more information and a couple helpful links. This might be a perfect option for you since the wallpaper should adhere well but could be easily removed if you wanted to change around the look. I'm not sure if you could reuse the same pieces of wallpaper though.

Good luck!


Such lovely variety of wallpaper. I think maybe you should use some type of varnish on top to seal it because when you have all those corners of paper just glued down from the downside I think they could easily come loose and tear.

kitschen pink

I can't really help but all I would say is that I have been warned that vintage wallpaper is very easy to tear once it has been wet with paste. Maybe try a spray on craft glue? If you use "3M Spray Mount" the pieces can still be repositioned but worth testing a swatch in case the glue stains (even though it says it won't on the can!) If you can't get Spray Mount where you are try a photography shop for their equivalent mounting glue. Lovely to pop in. I lost you for a while! t.x

Claire Rougerie

So cute ! I love it !

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