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Hello! my name is Tamar, I am a jewelry and accessory designer behind Nest Pretty Things, we are a husband and wife team and sell online through our website and Etsy shops and wholesale to over 50 shops around the world, my husband Ronen manages the business side and I am the designer and maker. We have a lovely studio in Burlington Vermont and live near by in Shelburne, a beautiful little village right by Lake Champlain, we now have three sons in college (24,22,20) and the sweetest cat Isabel. I love to decorate (you will always find me working on some project or other), cook and garden (I wish our VT season wasn't so short) and travel.

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January 02, 2009


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I love the duvet covers. They are really beautiful. I think these instructions are quite helpful as well if someone wants to try their hands on it.


This is a lovely idea - thank you for sharing!


no, really - what brand of sheets are those? it's driving me nuts trying to find out!


Where on EARTH did you get those sheets from? They're divine!


What a great idea for a duvet! So easy too. Thanks for sparking some ideas!

Mary Ann

Love the tutorial...please, do more for all of us who admire your sweet style! What did you use to close it? And where oh, where did you get those absolutely pretty sheets? Happy New Year, may it be full of all wonderful things for you and your family.


Oh my goodness I love it! I am doing it. What a simple and great idea. My husband always kicks the flat sheets down to the bottom untill it falls use for them here as well I guess, but now!! Yippee...I love duvets as well..even at TJ Max they are pricey.
Thank you!


Such a cute blog. I love the duvet! they are SOO expensive in the store. Now I'm gonna make one.


I luv your blog, great job!!! The colors are beautifull!! Have a nice 2009!!!


Great tutorial! I love the look of the mismatched prints.

I linked to your tutorial from Craft Gossip Sewing blog:


Wish I knew how to sew. I paid someone to sew a flat and a fitted sheet together to make me a duvet just a few months ago. (I found her on Craigslist and paid her fifty dollars, if you want to know.) She did an awesome job, using buttons I found at a flea market for the flap. The best part is that she left two small slits in the seam at each corner of the bottom of the duvet. That helps considerably when pulling the duvet into the cover and matching seam to seam. Love it!


Oh that is a GREAT idea! I love it! I'll be linking.

jennifer w.

Cute! A friend of mine made duvet covers for her kids using sheets. She left one side longer than the other and sewed velcro along the inside edge and onto the main cover. She then sewed buttons along the flap so it looked like a real duvet cover, but was easy for the kids the remove for washing.


All gorgeous.

Love the duvet cover, I did that for my girls room, they love the mix matched sides. We are not sheet people either, which is interesting. My mom raised me to tuck in those flat sheet sides military style. Ugh, gives me the willies!

Hee hee. Stay warm.

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