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Hello! my name is Tamar, I am a jewelry and accessory designer behind Nest Pretty Things, we are a husband and wife team and sell online through our website and Etsy shops and wholesale to over 50 shops around the world, my husband Ronen manages the business side and I am the designer and maker. We have a lovely studio in Burlington Vermont and live near by in Shelburne, a beautiful little village right by Lake Champlain, we now have three sons in college (24,22,20) and the sweetest cat Isabel. I love to decorate (you will always find me working on some project or other), cook and garden (I wish our VT season wasn't so short) and travel.

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September 04, 2008


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SO SO beautiful. Every time I see a piece of your home, it makes me so thankful for the beauty of design and the way that light can play such a big part in all of that. We are moving in 3 weeks and I can't wait to "set up house" when we move. :)

The Sale Rack

Love your living room...bookcases are very inspiring


what a beautiful home you have! thanks for sharing :) great blog, by the way! i just adore it.

Tammy Sprinkle

Your home is so fun and colorful. I like the garland and light in your dining room. Your artwork isso colorful too. Very happy!

Rita Vindedzis

It's great to have my studio to myself again now that school has started (at least until about 3pm) Getting a lot more painting done-and blogging.

Your home is lovely!! Lot's of color.

Enjoy the weekend. :-)


oh your home is so over the top divine- singing and skipping love jo.

kitschen pink

Oh I love looking around your home! so much colour! My little one is back to school next week. We have to be up at 6 am and his natural wake up time in the hols is after 9!! I think it's wonderful your boys are independent- but I'd be devastated! Maybe you could surprise them with a surprise breakfast once in a while - bacon butties or pancakes, just for a treat to remind them mum's are useful to have around! Have you come across Reluctant Memsahib? Take a look at this
I've added a link to you from my blog. Hope that's ok. I love it here! t.x


what a beautiful home!

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