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    These paintings are by my mother Nora Frenkel who passed away 12 years ago. Nora was a great painter who had many shows in NYC and in Israel where she lived for many years.
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July 10, 2011


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We have five cats, the latest being a tabby kitten we got 3 months ago. Looks quite a bit like yours. He is so affectionate. He loves Feta cheese!!


We were adopted by a cat, too. It looked like he was abandoned by his previous owners. After watching him freeze for 2 winters...he had gone feral and wouldn't come anywhere near us, but would sit on our deck railing, I couldn't take it anymore. I lured him with catnip and tamed him. He is all black, but named "Hello Kitty" because that's what I would say every time I saw him. He is the NICEST cat and I am convinced he is truly grateful to have a real home, finally. Oh, PS we just adopted a puppy! He is the cutest, but I admit, I am worn out from caring for him!


perfect name for a cat! :) and she just looks like an Izzy, so cool and pretty. My cat's name is Ralph :)


You will learn so much from your cat, you'll see.
ciao, Antonella (Italy)


What a cutie. It looks like she's having a great time too!


I thought I was following...Well it looks like I thought wrong.. : ) I always thought I was just a dog person myself...Until one day a Kitty Cat found it's way to us as well...I ADORE cats now...Funny Huh!!! I also can't believe I missed out on your Birthday Sale.. :( well no I am following NOW!!!

Have a wonderful weekend


She is absolutely adorable. It reminds me of the night of a severe thunderstorm when we heard a loud meow at our door. To our surprise, a cat just picked our house and was with us for a wonderful 10 years.



Oh lovely! Welcome, Izzy. :)


ah, pure contentment - for you both, i imagine.


That's kind of story I LOVE to read! :)

I have 4 cats now, uppsss... - I mean they have me :D The last one I took last winter - was standing in the snow and screaming. Was sick and all covered with wounds. Now, he is one of the sweetest cats that ever apeard in my life. He is totally Garfield type :D
We love him crazy!
People who never lived with cats - just simply lose so much...

Good luck for both of You! :)

Claudia Horner

How did she know you had a spot in your home and hearts for her? She looks absolutely comfortable and at home!


I've had cats my entire life and I love them. They certainly do have individual personalities, but they are ALL such comfort creatures! She is a beauty! I have dogs too, and they happily coexist. The only dog we ever had that was not friendly to cats was an Alaskan Malamute --a wonderful, beautiful dog, but with a strong prey drive.


She is so cute! I love her. We have two cats and I have always had at least one cat in my life. I adore them. Enjoy her. She looks so loving!


She's precious! She looks just like the cat, Fluffy, that we used to have. It's funny to me how many people think they are not cat people. It seems that often they've never had one. Cats are easy!!


Sweet story. Glad you found each other. :)

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