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    These paintings are by my mother Nora Frenkel who passed away 12 years ago. Nora was a great painter who had many shows in NYC and in Israel where she lived for many years.
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October 23, 2009


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Air Jordan 5

I think this is a great idea! I am in and I will link to it in my next blog entry. I hope that will be before next Sunday! Hope you are having a good weekend!


I too am an eccentric 50 year old with a passion for colorful and patterned socks - your collection beats mine tho.. I love Mary Jane type shoes.. but I have size 10 feet and am not a small person.. so I end up feeling silly in them - not eccentric in a good way.. so I tend to stick to clogs..

Love seeing your collection!


Hi! Found you on Etsy...and had to come visit your blog. Just love it! I LOVE that you purchased doc's. I actually have been browsing vintage doc's and creepers. Remember those? I think it's awesome that your 50 and sporting them. I'm 38 and think I'm getting ones like yours. I have always wanted the mary janes..but never had a pair. I think it's high time. Thanks for a cute post with perfect shoe and sock inspiration! xoxo

Pam Walter

Your sock drawer is awesome and they will all look great with your Doc Martens. Putting those items on your feet will no doubt help you face every day with a spring in your step and a smile!

Nancy Jane York

You keep wearing that stuff girl. I wear funky shoes and fun socks myself and I'm 68 !!
I think I'll go look at shoes on line.

Mary Jane

Thanks for the smile you were so kind enough to put on my face today. I have huge problems finding shoes that don't hurt my feet and that I like the look. DMs may be the answer.


thanks gals for the lovely comments and just for the record my feet are not's the angle of the photo, I actually wear a size 9! (40) xoxo


How know what I was doing just yesterday??? I was in a big city centre shoe shop, umming and ahhing over buying some very very similar style doc martens, wondering if it was ridiculous to be looking at these type of shoes at my age. I devotedly wore d-m's all through my arty student days (and beyond into my late twenties), a fresh new pair every autumn, worn day in day out with everything. And oh how I loved them!!!

In the end, I didn't buy them yesterday, but thats not to say I won't go back next week and get me a pair....I am desperately short of footwear now the weather is changing and can't wear my crocs...

Lovely to find you and I on the same wave length..and I LOVE your sock collection!


How could people have so small feet? ;) And so pretty socks?
I think I have to buy some new pairs... :)


People can be terribly boring but never mind them. Keep wearing those Dr Martens and colourful socks, bobby pins and what ever you like! (I stick to Dr Martens, colourful socks and funky dread wraps.)


I think that is the prettiest, and tidiest, sock drawer I've ever seen!! I love your colorful socks, and your style!

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