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Nora Frenkel's Art

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    These paintings are by my mother Nora Frenkel who passed away 12 years ago. Nora was a great painter who had many shows in NYC and in Israel where she lived for many years.
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April 21, 2008


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Gosh... these pictures are spectacular!


What wondeful photos. They look like very chic extras from "Roman Holiday".


Very stylish, and what a beautiful couple they are.

mrs. french

I am sorry to hear about your medical father-in-law had Bells. It was pretty bad at first, but disappeared quickly. I hope the same for you.

Oh how I wish I was going to NY...have a lovely time.

The photos of your parents look like an old film. They are so beautiful...romatic!

Orange Pattern

Those photos are amazing. You're right - so stylish. Were they taken professionally? Just awesome...


Lovely pictures! And about your health: strange things are happening here. I don't know if you (try to) read my blog, but a month ago I experienced also some strange things in my body, as my skin felt as if I was burned by the sun (but no sun to see at all...) I took this as a sign from my body to tell me to sit down and slow things down a little bit... The pain got away in a week, hope your symptoms go away soon!
Wishing you a wonderfull time in NYC (and I'm curious what you think about the van Gogh's; he's from the Netherlands and so am I!)


Have a cupcake for me from Magnolia Bakery pleeease!!! I think those photos are so beautiful. There really is a magic behind old images.I'm not sure whether it is the black and white or because we assume the history and intimacy behind them, but they always seem to convey so much.Absolute treasures.x

carole davis

hey tamar...

you look so much like your dad.... how romantic...meeting in paris and going to venice.... magical.... hope new york will get rid of these nasty symptoms.... love


What great pictures of your parents, so romantic.
Glad you are feeling better. My mom has Bells Palsy and has taken to wearing sleeping mask at night to help with her eye, just fyi!

Rosie's Whimsy

Oh sweetie, what a run of bad luck! I had a friend in high school who woke up with that at the tender and self-conscious age of 15. It took a while but she only had the tiniest of effect left. have fun in NYC.

BTW, your parents are so attractive! OMGosh, they look like movie stars!

((hugs)) Rosie

lily boot

What wonderful photos! Very stylish! They conjure up such romantic and mysterious notions. Poor you having to cope with Bell's Palsy - I hope you recover soon and enjoy your time in NYC

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